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Synthesis, characterization and surface tethering of sulfide- functionalized Ti16-oxo- alkoxy cages
Salvador Eslava, Anthoula C. Papageorgiou, Simon K. Beaumont, Georgios Kyriakou, Dominic S. Wright and Richard M. Lambert*
ACS Chemistry of Materials Submitted April 2010

Heterogeneous uptake of gaseous hydrogen peroxide by Gobi and Saharan dust aerosols: a potential missing sink for H2O2 in the troposphere
Manik Pradhan, Georgios Kyriakou, A. T. Archibald, Anthoula C. Papageorgiou, Markus Kalberer, and Richard M. Lambert*
Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss. 2010 10 11081.

Sonogashira coupling on an extended gold surface in vacuo: reaction of phenylacetylene with iodobenzene on Au(111)
Vijay K. Kanuru, Georgios Kyriakou, Simon K. Beaumont, Anthoula C. Papageorgiou, David J. Watson and Richard M. Lambert*
Journal of the American Chemical Society Accepted May 2010



Heterogeneous asymmetric hydrogenation of C=C bonds directed by surface-tethered chiral modifiers
David J. Watson, RJ Bennie Ram John Jesudason, Simon K. Beaumont, Georgios Kyriakou, Jonathan W. Burton, Richard M. Lambert
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009 131 14584.

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