Dr Alejandra Palermo - Biography

Alejandra Palermo graduated as a chemical engineer (Argentina) and her undergraduate studies included a period at the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she worked on separations and tower dryers. Her subsequent PhD research in Materials Science dealt with theoretical and experimental studies of diffusion of high molecular weight hydrocarbons in zeolites. She went on to become an Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering (UNMDP, Argentina) before joining Richard Lambert's group in the Chemistry Department at Cambridge University under a Royal Society Visiting Fellowship. She was subsequently awarded the position of CONICET External Research Fellow and for a number of years continued to work in Cambridge in the field of heterogeneous catalysis and surface science. She has over 50 publications in the area of diffusion, heterogeneous catalysis, solid state electrochemistry and surface science, including synchrotron radiation methods. In 2002 she joined the RSC as Project Manager for the International Review of UK Chemistry. She now manages a wide variety of projects that address strategic issues in science policy, including projects dealing with crime reduction and national security, development of the chemistry/chemical engineering interface and the development of international research collaborations. She is a member of the IUPAC task in the International Research Funding in the Chemical Sciences project.

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