Craig Comrie

Professor of Physics, University of Cape Town, South Africa
University of Cape Town

Richard Marbrow

Formerly worked for ICI and DuPont, now runs own consultancy

Peter Reed

Formerly at Delta Metal, Current location not known

Mike Bridge

Lecturer in Chemistry, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Phil Goddard

Runs own software company

Karl Schwaha

Executive Vice President and Member of Main Board
VOEST-ALPINE Industrieanlagenbau, Linz, Austria

Jeremy West

Current location not known. In Spain?

Kevin Prior

Lecturer in Physics, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Nic Spencer

Professor of Materials Science, ETH, Zurich

John Foord

Professor of Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK
Oxford University

Melanie Williams

National Measurement Clubs Manager, National Physical

Matthew Cox

Head of Vacuum, Diamond Light Source Ltd, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot UK

Geoff Scott

Manager, British Telecom, Ipswich, UK

M S Hegde

Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India

Ed Tysoe

Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, USA
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Robert Grant

General Manager, Lithography Subsystems, BOC Edwards, UK

Nick Gudde

Strategy Support Manager - Refining Technology, BP Oil, Sunbury, UK

Zhu Ang-ru

Believed to be in People’s Republic of China

Allyson Reed

Director of Technology Exploitation, Qinetiq, UK

Martyn Kibel

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Telstra Research Laboratories Melbourne, Australia

Shojun Hino

Department of Materials Science and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Matsuyama 790-8577 Japan

Aun Tan

Current location not known (POSSIBLY ICI, EUROPE?)

Tony King

Last known position was with Shell Exploration

Kevin Harrison

Current location not known (FORMERLY BP)

Rob Judd

Current location not known (FORMERLY BRITISH GAS)

Melanie Reichelt

Technical Support Specialist Castrol-BP, Pangbourne, UK

Roger Nix

Lecturer in Chemistry, Queen Mary & Westfield College, London, UK
Queen Mary, University of London

Deborah Jaffey

Product Development Manager, Imation, Minneapolis, USA

Charles Patterson

Lecturer in Physics of Advanced Materials, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Trinity College, Dublin

Jaspal Badyal

Professor of Materials Science, University of Durham, UK
University of Durham

Andrew Gellman

Head of Department and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Kurt Ungar

Radiation Protection Bureau, Health Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Xianquan Zhang

Research Manager, SABIC, Houston, Texas, USA

Andy Walker

Heavy Duty Diesel Global Technical Manager, Johnson Matthey plc, UK

Steve Hawker

Senior Development Chemist, Johnson Matthey, Royston, UK

Alex Kolobov

Senior Research Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science, Japan

Mark Ormerod

Head of School and Professor of Chemistry, University of Keele, UK
Keele University

Geoff Moggridge

Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK
University of Cambridge

Liz Shaw

Procter and Gamble, USA

Chris Baddeley

Reader in Chemistry, University of St Andrews, UK
University of St Andrews

Karen Peat

Current location uncertain (CAMPUS COUNSELLOR, DURHAM UNIV?)

Willum Wytenburg

Patent attorney, Mewburn Ellis, London

Diana Gordon

High Yield Bond Portfolio Manager, Goldman Sachs, New York, USA

Stephen Poulston

Research Manager, Johnson Matthey plc, UK

James Warren

Open University

Jesper Andersen

Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark

Chris Hardacre

Professor of Chemistry and Head of Research, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK

Hugh Horton

Professor of Chemistry, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Queen's Univeristy, Kingston

Gerry Roe

Industry Adviser, Australian Synchrotron Project, Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Stephenson

Current location not known

Sven Schroeder

Lecturer in Chemistry, UMIST, UK

Ian Harkness

Research Scientist, Johnson Matthey plc, UK

Adam Lee

Lecturer in Chemistry, University of York, UK
University of Hull

Julian Lomas

Current location not known (formerly EPSRC but no forwarding details there)

Karen Wilson

Lecturer in Chemistry, University of York
University of York

Alejandra Palermo

Project Manager, Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK

Neil Filkin

Research Manager, Philips, UK

Juan Pedro Holgado

Senior Researcher, Insti of Materials Science, University of Seville, Spain

Katherine Smith

Imperial College, UK?

Sam Tracey

Back from VSO in Africa

Rob Lindsay

Research fellow, Institute of Materials, University of Barcelona, Spain

Ruth Middleton

MBA at London Business School

James Cowell

Patent Agent, UK

Ashok Santra

Research Scientist, Halliburton Inc, USA

Danny Bird

Current location not known

Caio de Castilho

Professor of Physics, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil

Jim Isaac

Current location not known

Krishnan Balakrishnan

Current location not known. Researcher with east coast US company

John Bonello

Purchasing Manager, Chemical Intermediates (Europe) Firmenich SA, Geneva, Switzerland

Roger Haley

Patent Agent, UK

Mike Stephenson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry Department, UMIST, UK

Charlie Sykes

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry Department, Penn State, USA
Penn State University

James Keel

IT Manager, Information Technology Tesco Plc, Welwyn Garden City

Stefan Wodiunig

Senior Researcher, Syngenta Agrochemical, Monthey, Switzerland

Jisu Kim

Information & Electronic Materials, LG Chem / Research Park 1 041 Moonji, Yuseong, Daejeon 305-380 South Korea

Norman Macleod

Johnson Matthey

Rachael Cropley


Andrew Urquhart

University of Nottingham

Federico Williams Lecturer in Chemistry, Chemistry Department, University of Buenos Aires
David J Davis Johnson Matthey  
Alexander I McIntosh Arcadis  
Katrin Brandt

Current location not known

Swetlana Schauermann

Moleculer Beam Workgroup Leader, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Fritz-Haber-Institute, Berlin

May Chiu

Industrial R&D

Mark Turner Pöyry Energy Consulting  
Alex Orlov Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, Stony Brook University, USA
Joel Gustafsson Consulting Engineer, Max Fordham LLP  
Suil In Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark  
Owain Vaughan Nature Publishing Group
David Watson Reading University 
Ewan Galloway

AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK)





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