February 2008

Dr Andrew Urquhart has been appointed to a Junior Lectureship at the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Strathclyde.

March 2007

Federico Williams on Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

News from Iannis Yentekakis - son Vardis doing well!

February 2007

May is awarded the Lowry Prize for best Physical Sector graduate talk, Michaelmas 2006

October 2006

Bronagh Poulston, born 7th August 2006

News from Iannis Yentekakis
Recently, Georgia and Yannis were married, and on 22 September the baby showed up - photographs below. Congratulations!


September 2006

Ladies' Lab
The unprecedented occupation of the large UHV lab by three LADIES has been recorded for posterity in full glossy sepia!
From left to right: May Chiu, Swetlana Schauermann, Katrin Brandt


August 2006

Congratulations to Ashok Santra and wife on the birth of Akshita.


May 2006

RML awarded Honorary Doctorate by the Technical University of Crete
For contributions to research and collaborations with Greek scientists over many years.


March 2006

May wins RSC prize!
May Chiu has won the prize for Best Poster at the recent RSC Industry Tour held in Cambridge from 26th to 28th March, against a line-up representatives from 20 universities across the country. Top executive judges from Johnson Matthey and Glaxo Smithkline were looking for the ability to communicate research clearly and striking poster design - and the judging included two 15 minute discussions.


May 2005

RML awarded Yarwood Prize and Medal
Awarded by the British Vacuum Society for contributions to surface science.


April 2005

Hot News!
Mark Turner wins award for best postgraduate presentation at the 2005 Johnson Matthey Symposium for Catalytic Technologies and is now the proud owner of a JM memory stick.


March 2005

RML awarded prestigious prize
RML has been awarded a prestigious prize by the British Vacuum Society and the American Institute
of Physics...


February 2005

Owain bags Lowry Prize
Owain P H Vaughan has been awarded the Lowry Prize for best Physical Sector Postgraduate Presentation in the Michaelmas Term 2004. Photograph below shows the proud Owain being congratulated on some beautiful STM images by Dr Georg Held.


Charlie Sykes appointed to Junior Professorship
With effect from August 2005, Charlie Sykes has been appointed to a Junior Professorship in Physical Chemistry at Tufts University, Boston, USA where he intends to work on low temperature STM.



December 2004

Team Sand
Alex and Joel are setting up laboratory studies aimed at the study of heterogeneous reactions taking place in the troposphere on the surfaces of mineral aerosol particles. These materials arise principally from desert sandstorms. For our purposes, the Gobi Desert and the Sahara Desert are the most relevant sources.

Alex Orlov, Mette, Joel

Mette is a social anthropologist. Shortly, she will be heading off to the Gobi region of Mongolia to study the Mongolian Gold Rush. (The MGR began in 1995 and is now at its peak. It is illegal and the government is trying to stamp it out.) During her time in Mongolia, Mette will live with nomadic herdsmen (when the temperature in the tent can get to - 30 C). She has kindly agreed to go off into the Gobi Desert, first by truck, then by camel, in order to get sand samples for us. It turns out that blizzards are likely while she's out there. So she may have to shovel snow before hitting sand... Later, we hope to post a photograph of her camel.

What about stuff from the Sahara Desert? That's much easier--and we're working on it.


November 2004

Lorcan Feidhlimidh (6Lb 6oz), son of Stephen Poulston and his wife Roisin, was born in November 2004.


September 2004

Great News!

Roisin and Stephen Poulston (Poulss@Matthey.com) are expecting their first child in November 2004.

Caio de Castilho's daughter Ana Carolina and René Schwab are to be married on 9 October 2004 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


April 2004

Associate group member Alejandra Palermo is also Special Projects Manager at the Royal Society of Chemistry. Descriptions of her most recent projects are to be found at

(The "Whitesides Report" on UK Chemistry Research)

(C&E News article on Raising the Profile of Green Chemistry)

Full report of the workshop on Benign and Sustainabe Chemical technologies.

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